GameSnacks are Google’s new HTML5 games designed for bad internet connections

Smartphones are becoming even more powerful gaming machines as time goes on, with the latest devices capable of pushing some incredible graphics on a pocket-sized device. But what if you’ve got an old or budget device that doesn’t have the huge amounts of processing power or RAM? Well, Google’s hoping the answer is GameSnacks — the latest […]


Apple updates with a proper mobile website for iOS and Android

Apple has upgraded the website with proper mobile sites for iOS and Android, making it easy to access Apple services like Notes, Photos, Reminders, and Find My iPhone from a web browser on a mobile phone, as spotted by AppleInsider. The site is available on mobile browsers before but only through requesting the full […]

Google admits it sent private videos in Google Photos to strangers

The privacy breach affected a small number of Google Photos users Google is alerting some users of its Google Photos service that they’ve had their private videos sent to strangers by the search giant. Google’s Takeout service, that lets people download their data, was affected by a “technical issue” between November 21st and November 25th […]