WhatsApp is Killing The Battery on Android Phones, OnePlus Phones Seem Worst Hit

The recent update seems to be draining the battery on certain phones, though other users are reporting that everything is normal with WhatsApp on their phones. If you are noticing that your smartphone battery is perhaps discharging faster than usual over the past few days, you deserve to know the exact reason. Its WhatsApp, specifically […]


WhatsApp Gets One Step Closer to The Dark Mode; New Beta Gets Dark Wallpaper

Earlier, a teal color wallpaper was also discovered in one of the previous beta versions of the app. There must be a time when this finally becomes a reality. Perhaps, this is it. WhatsApp is one step closer to the rollout of the Dark Mode. The latest crumb of information suggest that the newest beta […]

Upcoming Huawei Mate 30 officially banned from using Google apps

The ongoing dispute between the US and China has resulted in some real strife for Huawei and its devices, making it difficult for the Chinese smartphone giant to work with American companies like Google. While things started looking up recently when Huawei was offered a 90-day reprieve from this ban, Google has now told Reuters […]