Google Chrome adds protection against insecure downloads

Google Chrome has announced the latest feature that they will be adding to their chrome security arsenal. Chrome will now prevent the download of insecure files from the internet. It will do this by making sure that secure HTTPS pages only download safe files. I will also prevent the download of ‘mixed content download’ which […]


GameSnacks are Google’s new HTML5 games designed for bad internet connections

Smartphones are becoming even more powerful gaming machines as time goes on, with the latest devices capable of pushing some incredible graphics on a pocket-sized device. But what if you’ve got an old or budget device that doesn’t have the huge amounts of processing power or RAM? Well, Google’s hoping the answer is GameSnacks — the latest […]

Google working on human-like chatbots that contextually respond to anything

Chatbots were all the craze last decade, and they’re now commonly found when interacting with support lines. Today, conversational agents are a bit limited, and Google is working towards a human-like chatbot “that can chat about anything.” The Google Brain research team today detailed “Meena.” This end-to-end trained neural conversational model tries to correct the “critical flaw” […]

Google ‘AutoFlip’ uses AI to resize videos for any aspect ratio

We consume a lot of video content nowadays, but more importantly, we’re consuming that content on a wider variety of devices than ever. It can be tough for content creators to keep up with every device you’re watching that content on, but there are solutions. Earlier this week, Google AI announced “AutoFlip,” a tool that automatically resizes […]

Google Assistant testing unified notification settings for phones

Even without direct interaction, Assistant does a lot in the background through alerts. Google is now looking to give users a better way to manage Assistant through unified notification settings for phones. At the moment, Assistant notification settings are primarily located in the Google app’s system Notifications page accessible from App info. There are also […]