Google Maps marks Kashmir’s outlines as ‘disputed’ when seen from outside India

Google Maps has redrawn the world’s borders which look different depending upon where the user is viewing them from, with the popular search engine showing Kashmir’s outlines as a dotted line acknowledging “dispute” when it is seen from outside India, a leading American daily has reported. According to the Washington Post, “the borders on Google’s online […]


How Google Recognizes Traffic Jams in Maps

Berlin artist Simon Weckert recently “hacked” Google Maps by filling a red wagon with 99 iPhone running Google Maps and dragging around the city to fool the service into thinking there was a traffic jam when there wasn’t one. It’s a clever trick, but it raises questions as to how Google Maps tracks and responds to the […]

Google Reacts to 99 Phones ‘Maps Hack’: Such Creative Uses Help Us Improve Services

We recently reported about a Berlin-based artist who duped Google Maps by dragging 99 second-hand phones on a cart through various streets and roads. While he didn’t actually create any traffic, but the result was that Google Maps’ servers interpreted this as traffic congestion thereby showing the same to people using the service. The ‘fake’ […]