Google Assistant testing unified notification settings for phones

Even without direct interaction, Assistant does a lot in the background through alerts. Google is now looking to give users a better way to manage Assistant through unified notification settings for phones. At the moment, Assistant notification settings are primarily located in the Google app’s system Notifications page accessible from App info. There are also […]


A Look at Google Assistant’s New Features

Google Assistant has been one of the apps that have seen the most updates this year, especially with the company’s increased focus on developing and improving AI technology. While the ability to be able to allow Google Assistant to conduct phone calls and tasks independently may not be available just yet, the new updates help make Google […]

Google Assistant Now Lets You Choose Family Members Through the Google App for Easier Interactions

Not a lot of people are calm with talking to their phones rather than simply tapping on the screen to get things done, but interacting with voice assistants has gotten better and more extensive over time. Google Assistant in particular is among the better ones available, and has been improving over time. Google has today […]