Will AI help in managing project planning and management.

Is AI really required for project planning and management ? Yes since there are people in charge of managing projects it is the most difficult to keep the same on time or budget also in assigning people for the task. In today’s world for project managers it is not only managing people but also to […]


Importance of AI in personal finance

With the enhancement of technology the is more to spend and then actually maintain the budget. There are many institutes trying to figure out how to maintain the budget using artificial intelligence. With AI in budgeting and managing personal finance will help in making life better as consumers and also allow them to track their […]

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Space Technology

Space is so vast how can we ever explore all of it? We may finally have an answer — Artificial Intelligence. The world is but a mystery and AI could help in finding answers and explore such mysteries. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has long been a companion of space research agencies like NASA, European Space Agency, […]

How AI can help us clean up our land, air, and water

The next industrial revolution is already happening. Artificial intelligence (AI) is ushering in an era of technologies that are faster, more adaptable, more efficient, and making the world more digitally connected. AI is best described as complementary to human intelligence, delivering the computing power to crunch numbers too big for people and recognize patterns too […]

7 business areas ripe for an artificial intelligence boost

Artificial intelligence has captured everyone’s imagination, but what can we expect from the technology? A recent survey of more than 550 executives from IBM finds plenty of support from the top — everyone wants to plunge full-force into AI to increase the speed and capabilities of their businesses. At the same time, AI is still very much […]