Google Maps marks Kashmir’s outlines as ‘disputed’ when seen from outside India

Google Maps has redrawn the world’s borders which look different depending upon where the user is viewing them from, with the popular search engine showing Kashmir’s outlines as a dotted line acknowledging “dispute” when it is seen from outside India, a leading American daily has reported. According to the Washington Post, “the borders on Google’s online […]


Artificial Intelligence Can Predict if You Will Die Within Next Year

The neural network model that directly analyzed the ECG signals was found to be superior for predicting one-year risk of death. After looking at standard ECG tests, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help identify patients most likely to die of any medical cause within a year, claim researchers. To reach this conclusion, researchers from Geisinger Health […]

Now, create Alexa home theatre system with Amazon Fire TV, Echo speakers

The setup allows a user to build a variety of immersive, wireless speaker configurations for living room set-up, including 1.0 and 2.0 configurations and, for owners of Echo Sub, 1.1 and 2.1 configurations as well Alexa and Fire TV devices are constantly improving over time and now on Monday the company announced that a user […]

Blogger gets major UI refresh on Android w/ first update since 2016

Remember Google’s Blogger platform? If not, we’d understand, but tonight Google has started rolling out a major refresh to the Blogger app for Android in its first update since 2016, weirdly on the eve of its big hardware event. Blogger was once a very popular option for anyone who wanted to get their thoughts onto the internet, but […]

How to open apps from unidentified developers on Mac in macOS Catalina

Over the years, Apple has put its vast resources into making it’s operating systems more secure for end-users. In macOS Catalina, the company has taken this to all-new levels by introducing beneficial security changes that make it even harder for miscreants to play havoc with our computers. However, because security is a tricky business, so-called […]