7 business areas ripe for an artificial intelligence boost

Artificial intelligence has captured everyone’s imagination, but what can we expect from the technology? A recent survey of more than 550 executives from IBM finds plenty of support from the top — everyone wants to plunge full-force into AI to increase the speed and capabilities of their businesses. At the same time, AI is still very much […]


Google working on human-like chatbots that contextually respond to anything

Chatbots were all the craze last decade, and they’re now commonly found when interacting with support lines. Today, conversational agents are a bit limited, and Google is working towards a human-like chatbot “that can chat about anything.” The Google Brain research team today detailed “Meena.” This end-to-end trained neural conversational model tries to correct the “critical flaw” […]

Google ‘AutoFlip’ uses AI to resize videos for any aspect ratio

We consume a lot of video content nowadays, but more importantly, we’re consuming that content on a wider variety of devices than ever. It can be tough for content creators to keep up with every device you’re watching that content on, but there are solutions. Earlier this week, Google AI announced “AutoFlip,” a tool that automatically resizes […]

Google Maps marks Kashmir’s outlines as ‘disputed’ when seen from outside India

Google Maps has redrawn the world’s borders which look different depending upon where the user is viewing them from, with the popular search engine showing Kashmir’s outlines as a dotted line acknowledging “dispute” when it is seen from outside India, a leading American daily has reported. According to the Washington Post, “the borders on Google’s online […]

Android 11 Developer Preview Site Briefly Goes Live, Gets Quickly Pulled by Google

Android 10 is still fairly fresh, but it appears that work on Android 11 has already begun and it might soon be ready in its Developer Preview avatar. At least that’s what Google’s latest misstep suggests. Google reportedly updated its Android Developer website with the full developer preview for Android 11. Unfortunately, the landing page for […]