Will AI help in managing project planning and management.

Is AI really required for project planning and management ?

Yes since there are people in charge of managing projects it is the most difficult to keep the same on time or budget also in assigning people for the task. In today’s world for project managers it is not only managing people but also to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Here artificial intelligence comes into picture. 

Ai comes in picture and helps the project managers in various tasks like,scheduling to analyze the pattern of a working team and also at the same time suggests on how to improve the same. 

Ai is used  to help in project organization on how to handle not all but most of the project management difficulties. 

AI will help in scheduling the task help in following up on tasks which are pending and eliminate human intervision. AI can be integrated with the communication tracking system like slack and also project management tools like jira to make more efficient process. 

Ai has the ability to monitor patterns which in turn helps the project managers to make sound decisions . This will help in time saving and project managers can focus on more complex projects and the strategy for the same. 

With predictive analysis AI will asset major complex analytics. This will help in how the project is moving forward and make strategic decisions at various points of time . 


 In conclusion, the same AI will help in tremendous ways to manage products and also help project managers how the project is moving forward and make sound decisions which in turn will help to complete multiple projects on time.


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