Apart from Face Unlock and Google’s Soli radar-based Motion Sense features, Google Pixel 4 will have the Google Assistant locally, for the first time.

Google is set to launch the flagship Pixel 4 series on October 15. But thanks to the innumerable leaks, consumers pretty much know how the new Pixel smartphones would look and feel like. The latest in the series of leaks are some of the promotional videos of the Google Pixel 4 line-up that reveal how the Face unlock, Motion Sense and Google Assistant will work on the new devices.

According to reports, the Face Unlock feature on the Google Pixel 4 smartphone will be using a 3D mapping system to securely unlock the smartphone and verify the user’s identity while making mobile payments.

Also, the much talked about Motion Sense feature, a technology backed by Google’s Soli radar-based chips, will allow people to just use a wave of their hand to silence calls, skip streaming content, or dismiss alarms and timers. Another leaked promotional video also highlights the new Google Assistant, which is being offered locally in Google Pixel 4 phones for the first time. Earlier, when Google Assistant was activated, a screen used to pop up from the bottom of the display which used to take up about 25 per cent of the total space before capturing the full screen. Now, the new Google Assistant interface reportedly takes up a very small slice of the display and then goes on to cover about 40 per cent of the screen.

According to previous media reports, Google has been able to reduce the back-end size of Google Assistant from 100GB to 0.5GB, allowing Google to move much of the app’s functionality on-device, making it faster to run. New reports suggest that users might now be able to activate Google Assistant automatically by just lifting the phone off the table. Apart from that, the Pixel 4 series is expected to have a 90Hz display, improved dual-SIM capabilities and an Android 10 operating system. Other leaked features include a notch and two speaker grills on the edge on either side of the USB-C port. The smaller Pixel 4 should get a 5.7″ 1080p+ OLED display and a 2,800 mAh battery, while the Pixel 4 XL should have a 6.3″ 1440p+ OLED panel with a 3,700 mAh battery.


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