Traffic jams, pollution and loss of green spaces are the trials Mumbaikars are dealing with. Though the city of dreams offer us many upsides but a sustainable lifestyle is what we all really crave for. With the increase in population these problems only gets worse. But we can take baby steps towards mother earth, to start with using recycled products, eating organic products, planting more trees, driving less, conserving water and many more. The need of the hour is to make the city environment friendly and make it a better place to live. The most importantly develop innovative solutions to meet city-dwellers’ energy, transportation and sanitation needs.

Here we bring to you five quirky ways to make Mumbai more environment friendly.

Micro wind turbines

Though the huge windmills are not suitable for a city like Mumbai which lack spaces and the noise produced by it might just add to the pollution, the city can turn to micro-wind turbines. These tiny turbines can be placed atop commercial or residential apartments and can generate around few to thousand watts each. If these turbines are installed collectively and are equipped with energy-saving features it can generate a large share of energy.

Designated cycle lanes

Unless the city gets a designated cycle tracks we can never get rid of these heavy traffic and those pissed off drivers. This mode of transportation is pollution-free, helps to maintain good health and are affordable to run. Also the streets should be designed in such a way that riding bicycle is convenient and safe with wide sidewalks and abundant crosswalks.

Pneumatic Garbage Collection

Also known as automated vacuum collection or pneumatic refuse collection is a garbage collection method which transports waste at high-speed through underground pneumatic tubes to a collection station. The system collects garbage from households and outdoor facility and is recycled after sorting. It not only helps in proper waste management but also to get rid of the fleet of truck that block traffic and tear up streets.


Also known as man-made trees, Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is a example of Supertrees. These tree-like vertical gardens have flowers and ferns growing up on them and are designed in a way that it provides shade in the day and comes alive at the night with an exhilarating display of light and sound. These trees have multiple benefits such as absorbing and dispersing heat, harvesting rainwater, providing air ventilation and generating solar power, among others. It can also become a tourist destination.

Green Roofs

Covering rooftops or terrace of your usually mundane buildings with grasses, plants and shrubs have a host of benefits. It lasts longer as compared to the conventional roofs, provides insulation, absorb rainwater, filter air pollutants, increase urban biodiversity by providing habitat for wildlife and also helps to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect. In summer, green roofs assists the apartment from direct sunlight and in winter it helps to minimize the heat loss through added layer on the roof.


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