What do you call an Apple Watch Series 4 that isn’t actually an Apple Watch but has the same design and faces? Huami called theirs the Amazfit GTS, and it may be the most shameless knockoff we’ve seen yet.

This is hardly the first time the Xiaomi-owned brand has been inspired by Apple’s watch design. It just took Huami a little longer to catch up with the Apple Watch Series 4 design from last fall.

Huami’s 3D printing photocopier spat out a knockoff sold in six colors with watch faces that are uncannily close to the Infograph Modular and Activity Analog faces from Apple Watch.

Huami even has low quality versions of Apple’s Liquid Metal watch faces. The only thing missing is an original idea.

The intent is clearly to confuse customers and pass off the Apple Watch design at a cheaper price. There’s being inspired by innovation and then there’s Xiaomi — a company that knows no limits when it comes to repackaging Apple hardware and software designs in knockoff products.

If you squint and look close enough, however, you can actually see the Get The Series 4 message hidden in the Amazfit GTS product name. Just don’t expect to take an ECG with that Digital Crown knockoff.

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